This movie is weird.
He outran the orchestra for crissakes!
They probably had to leave at 3:00 just to get there on time.Seriously did you see how chatrum for din hjemmeside insanely he acted the absolute hell out of that nonsense?10:01PM: Stephen Spielberg gets the Cecil.No, it cant equal it, but its at least a worthy Oscar commercial successor.7:45 winner: Tom Cross wins Best Film Editing for his work on Whiplash (My Predictions: 13/15) This category got really oddly confusing this year.Is this Hollywoods next big trend?Be right back, Im gonna go see if theres a way for me to temporarily lose my sense of hearing.That must be why it won.8:08 John Legend: We live in the most incarcerated country in the world.Inarritu wins Best Director for directing Birdman (My Predictions: 16/21) Ring the bell.I guess the only good thing is that everybody can feel safe that theyll never have the title of worst actor ever to win an Oscar.That has to be an Oscar first.Can I get one montage?Final Thoughts : For a night that started so strong, this Oscar ceremony became incredibly dull and plodding alarmingly quickly.
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