Think about breathing: If you find your hot indisk skjult sex mind starts to wander, re-focus on your breathing.
This picturesque pose lets you share the reins when it comes to rocking each other's worlds.
Tub Tangle, entwining your bodies in a confined space creates a cozy connection that's ideal for intense intimacy.
Stay off the bed: This will trigger the sleep button in your brain, which, according to Louise means youll be settling for a quickie romp instead of deep connection and loving sex, which is ultimately what Tantra is all about.Experiment: Try a variety of touches firm massage, light feathery touches, and gentle stroking.Copyright, truyn sex 2018 c gi có nhu cu gi truyn sex ng lên web, óng góp ý kin xây dng web hoc có nhu cu qung cáo trên, xin gi mail v a ch email.By, gabrielle Moore, january 26, 2017, you may have heard people talk about full body orgasms before or this may be the.Connect with us, by, gabrielle Moore, april 25, 2017.This kind of skin contact promotes greater feelings of intimacy.Most women breathe more quickly as they feel themselves peaking and tense up trying to bring the orgasm on, if instead you relax your tummy, and take slow deep breaths into your stomach, the orgasm will last longer and be more intense.You want to try to reconnect with your husband or boyfriend.Wrap your arms as tightly around one another and press your body against each other.Dont give up: If you dont last beyond 10 minutes, try again.How to get your partner involved in Tantric sex.The Sofa Spread-Eagle, while your stable stance allows you to move to his rhythm, your wide-spread legs give you that supersexy vulnerable feeling.In fact, Stings wife Trudie Styler once famously boasted that her husband could make love for more than 5 hours at a time!Ensure you move and breathe slowly during sex (it can help to avoid any position that you know makes you orgasm easily) and work towards a gradual build-up of pleasure.
Stand opposite one another and look into each others eyes placing your left hand on your partners heart.
Video of the Week, if that doesnt work try telling him that Tantra is also good for men as it removes the pressure to perform.

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