(Taylor) 19Sep I am TC on A15 now (an old Tanker now a Grunt).
Let me assure you that, as your commander, my a-hole slammed shut, several times. .I had a little talk with the guys in the arms room when we got back to Nancy.Troop responded and got 2 kills and 3 prisoners.He was infused into A trp as a tank driver and we needed a radio mechanic/operator.Found a bunch of documents and a small medical bunker.Other units in the task force were C Co/1-77 Armor, A Co/1-61 Mech Inf, and maybe another Company from 1/11 Infantry.Du kan let hente avisen ned på din mobil, tablet eller computer, så du kan tage den med på farten og ferien.Second platoon got 8 kills while acting as a blocking force.He called for reinforcements; we took our Tank mobile online sex video and haul ass, it was so dark that we could not see shit and drove our Tank off into a ravine, it was one hell of a ride.(This was SSG Dick Makela, he received the Silver Star for this.Actually, it didn't sink - the Navy screwed the pooch by not keeping the screws of the LVT turning while 38 was driving aboard. .We were about 30 meters in front of Lt Fs indisk gratis sex chat online APC so he was to our rear and right.(The names and dates come from a copy of travel Authorization.At the time we thought they were mortar rounds.This search found several caches of mortar round.Robinson had been the CO?SSG Haglund was hit in the leg. .
About a half hour later they picked a group of guys to go across the river, when the landing craft opened the front door to let us out I jumped out and landed in water up to my neck.
Shortly thereafter they were pulled back to the main position.