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It obscures the lower half of the screen, goes away after a bit (10 seconds but is still unintentional and not fun.
This might also be a Tumblr thing, since this is most common with links from there.
We will work together on troubleshooting the issues you are experiencing.
It would be better if the app was set up more intuitively like a messaging/texting app, but truly I just want the bugs and glitches fixed so it works properly and doesnt tell me the wrong thing.I use it to chat all around and find it as a wonderful alternative to the options out there.The range of options, customization, and ways to interact is astounding.Improving, bit by bit, jakely2dizzle, discord is a lovely app.You would think they tested this but apparently not.WeChat should not allow.You would think they would not let you register if it does not work.Frustrating when trying to read something with low amounts of small text.It's been smooth sailing in the last few days, but we've got a detailed explanation of the server issues over here if you're interested: m/incidents/mpzkz7m4fzpt).Ive had strangers in China helping me with WeChat who told me its not safe to give them this info.Also, what a joke and probably a security issue is they let you register your international credit card and debit card, but afterwards you find out it cant be used for anything!Thanks for your patience and sorry again for the bad app experience you have been experiencing, Ramin.Can you email with your account information and list the problems you are experiencing?(cough, skype.) However, the app still has some growing to do: The bug where a message duplicates and moves up, then is stuck there on every chat in the same place, overlaying itself across the screen, is still ever present.There are probably more others will tell you.Developer Response, hi ttlyawesm24, thanks for the update.So no help to non-Chinese!The bree brunetter camgirl image will show up fine in chat, and the link opens in Safari great, but tapping it to zoom in mid-app use causes the image to fail loading.
Developer Response, hey there, I'm really sorry for the server issues that have been going on recently.