Guys, write modern apps, appsTastic, this app hasnt been updated for iPhone X, runs extremely slow on iPad.
Ditch React guys already.
If my company didnt force me to use this Id scrap it in a heartbeat!
Set up a repair.Then by the fourth time, it locks me out, I cannot correct it once it locks me out.Choose from 5,000 live video chat rooms and meet new people who share your interests.Scrolling your contacts list is near unusable on the most expensive iPad Pro you can currently buy, and it doesnt support multitasking (something Skype, Messages, Facebook Messenger, Slack all do just fine and is made obvious with fonts and scaling that this app simply isnt.Why do you only have 2?You can also schedule a time for us to call you when youre ready.Find My for iPhone, asian dating online-chat gratis iPad, or iPod touch, or, mac to help find your device.Support to work on it Monday and Tuesday, they said it was fixed, wrong.You have large enough development teams to write native apps, please provide something with parallel usability to your competitors on mobile at a minimum!Gotta love the inconsistency!We recommend that you check your coverage before contacting.
Find the accessiblity and assistive technology phone number for your country or learn more and get help with accessibility features.
Oh yeah, notifications on my iPhone X are completely unreliable and often times I dont even receive messages until I open the app.