When it flies off, do not attempt to follow.
These birds are wild and should not become dependent on humans.
Thanks to the UStream Decorah Eagles Chat Room Moderators for these guidelines fishing AND hunting lead pakistanske chat rooms, som yahoo free We encourage people to use non-toxic gratis facebook klistermærker til chat alternatives to lead shot and tackle.When the cameras were installed in 2013, N2 was about 4 feet across,.5 feet deep, and approximately 460 pounds in weight.N1 How high was N1?We sent several eagles.O.A.R last year with lead poisoning.This female has an arched ridge above her eyes that goes further back than on the male, and her eyes are surrounded by a greyish shadow; the ridge above the males eye is shorter and seems a little closer to the eye.Bald eagle nest etiquette This is not intended to be an absolutely complete list, please remember to use common sensethese are wild raptors with a natural fear of humans, lets keep them that way!The Weather Forecast, thanks to, a2Z Security Cameras for their help and support with our new HD cameras and to the City of Decorah MetroNet for their help bringing the Decorah N2B nest to the world!About the Raptor Resource Project, the Decorah Eagle cam is brought to you by the.Live, video, chat website.Traditional names can create an undue tendency to anthropomorphize.2.0 MB freeware 13 February, 2009 iSpQ Video Chat.1.2009 iSpQ VideoChat is affordable, easy-to-use software that connects you to a video community where you can share your web cam images with friends, family or someone new.To contact us, please email.We built N2B in August of 2015.The security is provided.Camazee can be integrated with any website.Federal law requires you to stay at least 330 feet away from any nest.Two of Rachels chicks explore more.Neil Rettig came up with the idea of building a nest not far from N2's old location to see if the eagles would adopt.2.6 MB freeware 27 October, 2012 iVisit for Mac Beta.7.2003 Video chat with your friends, family, and colleagues from your PC for free.
Several active fans have captured videos from this cam from past years, including: The Decorah eagle nest was featured in a PBS Nature series program, American Eagle, that premiered in November 2008.