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Ogräspaj, lax- och räksallad med ogräsdressing, laxpaj med kallrökt lax, salladslök och kirskål.
Dessa smakar nötigt och är hur goda som helst.How time do you use daily on food preparing?Hello lovelies, I am finally ready with the second and final part of my little Q A!It all started when I got contacted by Denmarks largest fashion magazine Costume, they wanted me to join their team and create recipes for their online magazine.Well I am not vegan or in school myself, but I will try answer anyway If I were you (and this is super easy to say I know) then I would just bring my own food and ignore their looks they were probably just curious.I was surprised at how many of you sent me this question or something similar.Bring vandet i kog, og lad det hele koge i 45 minutter.Tilberedning, skræl ingefæren, og skær den i tynde skiver, og kom skiverne i en kasserolle sammen med vandet.If I should guess how much time I on average spend on blogging, the A Million Miles social media (instagram, facebook, tumblr making recipes, taking and editing photos, freelance c2c gratis chat jobs etc.Your work and convince them why they should hire you!Det är som att kasta mjölkpaketet fucking piger chat när man bara druckit ur hälften).So if doing freelance foodie jobs is something you would like to do, then just get out there and show companies, magazines etc.I think its great, most of my meals are vegetarian and many of them are vegan.Flankstek med ogräsgratäng och knaprig, stekt sallad Laxspett med korv, fyllda champinjoner och bönsallad Potatishalvor med ogräs och kantareller Grillade pilgrimsmusslor med harsyra och soja Gillar du receptet?Det är bara att ta ett par blad, rulla ihop dem, strimla och strössla över exempelvis pajen.Löktrav smakar som mild vitlök.It is a lot of time, but is something I love to do and of course it is also a source of income for.What do you think about vegetarian or/and vegan food?I will write a blogpost post on this soon and share some more about what my plans for the future are.Afkøl, si, og hæld på flaske.
Det finns många underskattade sorter när det kommer till ogräs.

Rørsukker, sådan laver du ingefærshot.
Danskerne drikker ingefærshot som aldrig før.
Right now NYC or LA is at the top of my list, I am leaning more towards NYC and my sister is cheering for LA haha but neither of us have a drivers license so I really think NYC would be the best idea.