But even though these attacks are happening all over the world, it does seem that France is the epicenter for isis coordinated terrorism as opposed to the lone wolf or locally inspired splinter groups.
The more violence these extremists inflict, the more it backfires.
France has a long colonial history in the Middle East, specifically in Syria and its experience in Algeria was particularly brutal.
As I write this, all we know of the motivation is that the president of France has declared that the attack was of a terrorist nature and told the country, all of France is under the threat of Islamic terrorism.Until 9/11 no one saw chat rooms, som durarara anything threatening about them at all.Our common humanity becomes real.The many waves of immigration over centuries from all over the world made American society no less bigoted than anyone elses but perversely more fatalistic about pluralism, at least most of the time.Is also suffering from an epidemic of violence of the domestic variety such as that we recently experienced in Dallas and before that Roseburg and Charleston and Newtown and Aurora and so on, so our problem with mass killings is actually more complicated in many.The.S., for all its horrific history, has generally been one of the best at doing.Many countries have been hit with terrorist attacks in recent years.Whether its a lone wolf attack like the one the.S.Its unclear how much more its people will take before it turns to draconian solutions.Our underlying commitment to diversity may be hanging by a thread but its still here and American Muslims still believe in it too.There are protests against the building of mosques in places where no one would have ever cared before.And hes also very ostentatiously promising to build a big wall to keep people from Mexico and Central America out of the country, much to the delight of millions of his followers.Lets hope both countries keep their heads.This time it happened in Nice, France a beautiful city on the French riviera where people from all over the area had come down to the famous Promenade des Anglais at the beach to watch the fireworks celebration for Bastille Day, the day the French.Theres a lot of paranoia.Now we have people being profiled and investigated on airplanes for writing mathematical equations that some passenger didnt understand.And there are reasons for this, which are being studied and discussed by scholars throughout Europe.A madman drove a big truck over a mile through the crowd killing at least 80 people, including kids, and seriously injuring dozens more.We have a profusion of Lone Wolves with as many motivations as they have deadly weapons.They see themselves in the faces of the family members of people from other countries who lost loved ones.9/11 was the most catastrophic terrorist attack in history and the.S.