Our server sponsor eUKhost quickly provided us with a new machine after we told them the old had failed, and the last two weeks were spent setting it up to provide the same functionality as before: All those things are back again.
A new release of the package is available which fixes this issue.The primary change in this version is to support PHP.2 by cleaning up the code to remove most of the warnings and notices due to the changes in PHP.GitHub 2018 t, all rights reserved).Didnt you have a backup?It provides full functionality you expect from an email gratis sex chat facebook client, including mime support, address book, folder manipulation, message searching and spell checking.Ill setup regular database backups in addition to the package file backups.Today after 12 days, everything is restored.Extensible using the Plug-in API, latest News, hosted.Pear group has shrunken to about.5, with.Made in Luxembourg with the help of our sponsors and the community.Phpfreechat is made for you.Nevertheless here is the communication timeline: What now?Cronjobs called to render the manual, the CHM files and such.Category: General, Releases, today, we are happy to announce that we have released an incremental improvement to your favorite content management system: Version.2.8 - Flin Flon.Announcing cmsms.2.8 - Flin Flon.The people switched DNS to let t point to my mirror server, which went active late.Thanks to, patrick Fingle and the CiviCRM Security Team who reported this issue.Let's keep in touch!

Server maintenance thus will continue to be a one-man spare-time show.
The new server has raid 1, so that the failure of a single disk will not bring down the whole machine.
An new release of the package is available which fixes this issue.