We will see why what you hvor meget koster modeller på ugudelige cam chat tjene think about it and see if it's fair or not.
Admin's have the power to make and demod chat moderators.
Chat Moderators, edit, chat Moderators are Moderators that allow people to get kicked or banned from chat.
Others, edit, you may swear but not towards someone.You may use caps, but not excessivly.Fail TO follow these rules will result IAN/block.No sockpuppets, if you are under 13 and violate coppa you will be blocked from this Wiki till you are.Although Admin's have different powers they are allowed to take away the chat.Don't, edit, spamming, making Fights, causing Drama, making Personal Attacks.These are the policies for our.If you have a problem with a Chat Moderator or think you have been kickbanned unfairly please don't be shy to talk to one of the admins to discuss why you think you were kickbanned unfairly.Right now we don't have that many Chat Moderators we have only admins.Contents show, do, edit, be Civil, try to fix arguments, help new user's out.This may seem cruel to you but it's for your safety.Adminstrators, edit, adminstartors are Admin's that can "Protect, Delete and Block gratis porno cams kom users" Adminstrators already come with rollback right's so they are allowed to use.If you break them you might be kicked from chat or worse banned.To change to different things like IRC.