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The proponents are thus wondering what traditionists are trying to defend since the skjult kollegieværelse fuck marriage today is unlike that of the past two millennia or two centuries ago.
In conclusion, gay marriage should not be legalized since it is an abnormal practice and does not seem to yield any positive result to the society.
According to The Baron (2008 gay marriage is an issue of equal rights; these individuals are denied the same rights as non-gay persons genuinely and the society is thus burdened with the obligation to remedy that.Gay couples are regarded unnatural hence their unnatural unions cannot be viewed as marriage.This argument adds more heat to the already heated up debate about gay marriage as it is controversial.Video'daki porno yldzn kim olduunu bize söyleyerek yldzn tannmasna yardmc olun.Proponents further claim that marriage should only be based on love and other factors given lesser concern (Messerli, 2009).Many negative opinions about homosexuality results from this premise which attract other arguments.On the other hand, opponents claim that this would weaken the marriage institution in addition to weakening the traditional values held by our society (Messerli, 2009).The establishment of norms of identity, authority, and power is threatened by gay marriage.Legal and social reasons have been given by the opponents of gay marriage but much argument goes back to religion.This is contrary to those opposed to the gay ideas who view it as completely wrong.Military Boys Shoot 1, video Removed Undo, video Removed Undo.Most Recent Videos, more, video Removed Undo, video Removed Undo.Further the gays cannot reap equivalent benefits that non-gays get via opposite-sex relationships, thus the state should support the same-sex relationship (The Baron, 2008).The proponents of gay marriage claim that the chances of acquiring complications related to sexuality for instance sexually transmitted diseases are low as they get married to one individual and stem from carefree lifestyles where individuals have unprotected sex with multiple partners.They continue to say that this marriage does not harm anyone therefore should be allowed.This is the kind of lifestyle that the society encourages.The concept of gay marriage was not known in the past although homosexuality still existed, it has emerged in the modern world especially among the youths.Opponents are just uncomfortable with the gay idea because from time in memorial society has always supported and promoted the idea of marriage between two individuals of the same sex as ludicrous.There are individuals who are neither male nor female; therefore defining marriage on the basis of sex who denies these individuals the chance to get married (Cline, 2010).
The burden of proof is wholly on the pro side which requires recognizing same-sex relationships officially because civilization of human has become well enough without gay marriage for thousands of years (The Baron, 2008).
These prospective changes would threaten those with authority and power and have created identity using them (Cline, 2010).

This inability to naturally procreate leads to increased adoptions for individuals who would have raised their own children.