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This wiki is for the Reddit Dota 2 League.
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We are closely working together with traders and middlemen from all communities to ensure the highest possible quality and a great experience for our users.Instead of saying "I don't like flairs" say something "I don't like the flairs because it's hard to see against the background." By suggesting feedback in this manner, it gives us a path to help improve our subreddit.Retrieved from " ".Please try to offer constructive criticism,.e.Proud partners of m, m, and many more.There has been some excellent feedback recently that /r/LeagueofMeta (the subreddit to discuss /r/lol, meta topics such as flairs, moderator actions and whatnot) feels underexposed and could use some fresh discussion.Rocket League Insider aims to give Rocket League traders on PC and PS4 a safe and successful trading experience.Unlike the Quarterly Moderation threads, this thread is meant for you, the community to discuss with one another ways to improve, adjust, pige toilet cam or change things that go on with the subreddit.The Reddit Dota 2 League was founded in 2013 by Neodar, Jojo and Eoika.It is a place where you can discuss rules, contact moderators, and offer suggestions/feedback to shape the subreddit.The league focuses around providing a casual league format for players to experience joining teams and playing through seasons and tournaments.As well, this is discussion about the subreddit, not the in game meta.At the end of the time period for the Sticky, the top comments will be looked at and posted in /r/leagueofmeta for community discussion, as well as pored through by the Moderation Team to see what ideas, feedback and gripes might be worth looking into.
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