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N'golo kantÉ (Chelsea) Overall Rating: 87 Pace: 81 Shooting: 66 Passing: 75 Dribbling: 80 Defending: 81 Physicality: 84 Best LM in fifa 18 - Left Midfielders LM (Left Midfielders) can help dictate play down the garn chat fiction-fortællinger gratis wing in fifa 18 or be used to cut into.
Henrikh mkhitaryan cam teen piger (Manchester United) Overall Rating: 85 Pace:86 Shooting: 79 Passing: 80 Dribbling: 86 Defending: 54 Physicality:.
Men who still have a few seasons ahead of their peak and have the ability to go on and be the worlds best.The attacking midfielder who operates on the right or left as well as a winger made 38 appearances for the La Liga and European champions last season, scoring 10 goals.Luka modriĆ (Real Madrid) Overall Rating: 89 Pace: 73 Shooting: 75 Passing: 86 Dribbling: 89 Defending: 72 Physicality:.Franck RIBÉRY (Bayern Munich) Overall Rating: 86 Pace: 82 Shooting: 76 Passing: 83 Dribbling: 89 Defending: 25 Physicality:.Thiago (Bayern Munchen) Overall Rating: 88 Pace: 72 Shooting: 75 Passing: 85 Dribbling: 90 Defending: 62 Physicality:.This article may contain links to online retail stores.Its full of all the info you need to know about fifa.With many being responsible for starting attacks and also getting back to break up counters, these players are essential if you want success in fifa.Sami khedira (Juventus overall Rating: 84, pace:.Taking up a position just in front of the backline, the CDM acts as the first line of defense when an attack breaks down in the centre of the pitch.For more information, go here.the Seleccao need a new man to spur them.With an 88 overall and a 93 potential which matches Lionel Messi, Dybala is incredibly dangerous.Marco asensio (Real Madrid overall Rating: 84, pace:.On, Brigitte Vöster-Alber, the Chief Executive Officer of geze GmbH, celebrates her 50th anniversary with the company.
This provides the belt with optimal flexibility of movement.