Comey, den avgåtte sjefen.B.I., har gitt en vitneerklæring under ed på at President Trump og andre i Trumps administrasjon løy da de sa at agentene hadde mistet tilliten til Comey.
Naturligvis er det kaos, men ikke for mye kaos.
A message TO president-elect trump about upholding freedom IN THE muslim world by Ensaf Haidar ( Newsweek ) A registered lobbyist for Saudi Arabia now has a spot in Trump's White House ( Salon ) 14:07 More than 190 Democratic members of Congress filed.Trump appointee making six figures as lobbyist for Saudi Arabia ( NY Daily News ) Trump appointee is a Saudi government lobbyist ( The Center for Public Integrity ).Trumpcare must be challenged and blocked by the Senate.Juni 2017 19:36 President Trump: Saudi-Arabia må slippe fri Raif Badawi.Februar 2017 March for science ( Scientists' March on Washington ) er planlagt på Earth ) 17:20 President Trump has leaked classified information to Russia that participates on Assad's side in the conflict between Assad, IS and peaceful humans that has fled from the war between USA and Russia in Syria.Alt innhold på, alt innhold.Fra, wikipedia : Safeguards of justice (Amendments 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8).24 millioner amerikanere risikerer å miste helseforsikringen sin med Trumpcare.Mai 2017 15:35 Ny rapport: 23 millioner flere amerikanere vil stå uten helseforsikring med nye "Trumpcare" innen 2026.During the debate on Affordable Care Act several protesters entered the building and yelled "Kill the bill, don't kill us" before they were forced out of the building by security guards.Trump gikk akkurat på sin største smell som president.( Wall Street Journal )."Part of the use of this week is to be meeting with the principals and the head of the directorates of the countries we are going to ahead of the meetings, where he's receiving extensive briefings throughout the week with his team Spicer said.Republicans Move to Block Rule on Coal gratis boy cams Mining Near Streams ( NY Times ).Tulsi Gabbard's Stop Arming Terrorists Act was introduced in the.S.Mai 2017 18:31 Tulsi Gabbard stemte mot republikanernes forslag til helsereform.Men i følge Independent skylder i tillegg President Trump 1,800,000,000 i investorgjeld til mer enn 150 forskjellige institusjoner.Trumps tidligere kampanjesjef angir seg selv - siktes for korrupsjon ( Verdens Gang ) Trumps tidligere valgkampsjef siktet for konspirasjon mot USA.Tulsi Gabbard Introduces Bill To Halt.S.April 2017 19:51 nato har konsekvent tatt avstand fra Syrias bruk av kjemiske våpen som et klart brudd på internasjonale normer og avtaler.
Technology Review explained in 2016 how that would affect the device's price and why the iPhone is produced in China: The All-American iPhone Apple has declined to comment on the claim by Trump.
Portrait mode " to create a bokeh effect (blurred out, de-focused background) for sharper photos that Apple says rivals dslr pictures.

Former FBI Director James Comey to testify in Senate June 8 ( CNN ) 16:03 Support Tulsi Gabbard for.S.