Rewards: 'Quester Yellow' dye.
Sanguine's Demesne Vanquisher (10 points Defeat three of the adelaide chat værelser champions in Sanguine's Demesne.
Expert Crafting Harvester (5 points Harvest any crafting materials 100 times.Mountain Skyshard Hunter (5 points Find the Skyshard on top of the mountain in Cyrodiil.Hero of Frond and Leaf (5 points Unite the Silvenar with the Green Lady.Greater Dungeon Healer (50 points Heal 10,000,000 points of damage to allies in Dungeons.They can be used to create incredibly powerful weapons and potions.Haynote Cave Explorer (10 points Explore and clear Haynote Cave.Cave of Trophies Explorer (10 points Explore and clear the Cave of Trophies.Banished Cells Champion (10 points Defeat the Maw of the Infernal, Keeper Imiril, and High Kinlord Rilis in the Banished Cells.Taleon's Crag Explorer (10 points Explore and clear Taleon's Crag.Greenshade Adventurer (50 points Complete 40 quests in Greenshade.Softloam Cavern Explorer (10 points Explore and clear Softloam Cavern.Devourer of Souls Subverter (10 points Defeat Rhagothan, the Devourer of Souls, at a Dark Anchor.Quests - Main Quest Castle of the Worm (0 points Complete Main Quest Chapter.Dwarven Secrets Gatherer (10 points Collect souvenirs from Dwemer constructs.Carac Dena Explorer (10 points Explore and clear Carac Dena.Deshaan Master Explorer (50 points Discover and clear all six caves and striking locales in Deshaan.Urrai's Bane (5 points Kill the Daedroth Urrai at Bitterroot Cave.Craglorn Trials Conquerer (50 points You indian girl fuck i skjult have completed Hel Ra Citadel, Aetherian Archive, and Sanctum Ophidia at their highest difficulties.Alliance War Tyro (10 points Earn the rank of Tyro in the Alliance War.The God of Schemes (0 points Complete Main Quest Chapter 6 Rewards: 'Coldharbour Ash Black' dye.You can also have another player that is infected with vampirism bite you at the vampire ritual site to contract.
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